January 20th is a date that goes to be part of the history of Fotolia. Yesterday afternoon, our stock image database reached 50 million files!

It was late April 2015 when we launched the restyling of Fotolia’s website and blog, and at that time, the counter marked 38 million images.

Thanks to the launch of Adobe Stock and the opportunity for all our contributors to sell their works on both platforms and reach millions of people, in just 9 months we have increased our database by 12 million files, which means almost 1.3 million new acquisitions per month!

We are really thrilled by this result and it’s only thanks to all our contributors, and that every day exceptional content is uploaded, that this was possible.

Retrace together our history since 2004 from today.


11 years ago, Oleg Tscheltzoff and Thibaud Elzière launched Fotolia, to answer the request of creative content at affordable prices. The site was born originally in French and linking together those who needed images with professional and amateur photographers that wanted to try to sell their shots.


After two years since the founding, in 2006, Fotolia already reached 2 million images online.


2010 counts over 7 million pictures; Fotolia’s database is enhanced by illustrations and videos, and has nearly 600 vector files.


2012, numbers have doubled; the images are more than 17 million and vector files over than 1 million.


Our next goal is… 100 million! We’re counting on you!