Anyone suddenly realise (as we did the other day) how popular the pineapple has become? This ubiquitous fruit we believed could be labelled the fruit of 2015. However on closer research it appears that when it comes to fruit in design, the pineapple’s presence has been predominant for centuries.

Adorning clothing and wallpaper, featured heavily in interior design, sculpted in plastic, chrome and wood the pineapple is everywhere! But why?

The shape is firstly totally unique. There is no other fruit (or object for that matter) that it could be confused with. With its spiky, palm tree-esque topping and criss-cross lattice skin it’s intriguing and fun. It’s tropical roots also allow for it to transport you to a far away land; you feel the warmth of sunnier climates. Historically it was a sign of wealth;¬†even in Europe up to 100 years ago a dinner party where a pineapple was presented was a sign of wealth, status and privilege.

Nowadays the pineapple remains a symbol of hospitality in some southern US states as well as New England. It is naturally adaptable in interior design and makes for a quirky addition to clothing.

Enjoy some of our favorite pineapple pickings from Fotolia!

Pineapples on a light green background. Watercolor colourful illustration. Tropical fruit. Seamless pattern

abstract fruit

pineapple tropical fruit seamless pattern

Exotic seamless pattern with silhouettes tropical fruit pineapples.

Geometric Pineapple Background - Seamless Pattern in vector

Pineapples and Palms Seamless Pattern

Pinapples and Tropical Flowers Background -Vintage Seamless Pattern