It’s that time of the year again! The Christmas songs are playing on the radio, the house is full of delicious smells and the lights are twinkling on the tree.

There’s more such a diverse amount of ways to spend the approaching holiday: Whether it’s a romantic dinner or catching up with the entire extended family, we want to see it all! What you’re eating, whom you’re catching up with, what presents you’re giving or receiving, and what family traditions you’ll be indulging in.

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Store-bought ornaments are pretty, but they can sometimes lack the charm of DIY decorations. Not only are you able to make decorations which you can treasure for many Christmases to come, you also get to spend valuable time with your family and friends when creating them!

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Potato printing

Besides the decorations and gifts, Christmas is also a major food festivity involving must-have dishes and an eye for traditional details. Every culture has their own unique tradition around the holidays: some of us eat turkey, some ham, goose, or fish and some even like a plate of roast lamb on Christmas Eve. Planning and cooking a delicious Christmas dinner requires a mastery of one’s regional traditional dishes and an acquired taste for table decorations and dinnerware.

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Christmas is never more exciting than when you’re smaller than Santa’s little elves. When you’re a child, Christmas Eve is arguably THE most exciting day of the year. It’s a fact: having children around for Christmas makes it even more magical. They’ve been waiting for this all year!!!  All of a sudden, Christmas morning turns out to a burst of excitement, smiling faces, shrieks of delight and one or two groggy parents watching their children through bleary eyes.


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This holiday season is also about celebrating the gifts that cannot be wrapped – time, love, and intentions. Christmas is a day for family and friends, for bonding and fun. We are such busy people, and as sad as it sounds, it’s rare for many of us to be able to sit down at the dinner table at the same time. That’s why Christmas is so great for a proper catch-up with those who you love most focusing around the things we do together.

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We know most of you will be busy sharing, giving, loving, gathering with family and friends, and having a feast! And even if you do not celebrate Christmas, we are sure you will find your own special way to enjoy the time off. Fotolia wishes you a fabulous time capturing all those precious moments! Merry Christmas to everyone!

by Aurore Campbell