Fotolia Contributor Igor Petrovic’s portfolio is a fantastic example of thematic consistency and simplicity. His clean line vectors are incredibly popular on Fotolia and we got a chance to speak with him to find out more about him, and his work.

Can you introduce yourself, where you’re based and explain a bit your journey into how you started selling your photos on Fotolia?

My name is Igor Petrovic, I live in Serbia, a small country in southeastern Europe. I finished the Faculty of Education, however I’ve always had a greater affinity for the arts, especially visual arts and design. My first encounter with designing and illustrating to clients over the Internet was when I found out about websites that are publishing contests in the field of design. Several of these competitions I won and then I found out about stock websites like yours and system of work that is most suited to me. The contributors has full freedom to create working hours, to do what they like, when and how they want, without deadline, bosses etc.

How would you describe your images – do you think you have a specific trademark?

My designing is diverse… I love to design logos, signs, symbols, backgrounds.

In my images, you can see animals, objects, food, drink, various tourist destinations, different professions and so on. Anything that inspires me at that moment.

American bison symbol

What themes have you noticed sell particularly well on stock websites when it comes to your images?

As for sales, today we have a large market for placing our images, there are also many creative contributors which increases competitiveness. I noticed that the images which sell well are those which represents modern technical devices – particularly smartphones, tablets, computers, travel and tourism… images that can be used as logos and trademarks, etc.

Pug dog label

Do you pay attention to trends? If so, how do you follow them?

In the previous section I mentioned competition in the market. So, if you want to succeed in this business you have to follow trends. This is perhaps the only thing in this business, which somewhat hampers creativity, but we can always find a way to get a dose of creativity retain individuality and authenticity.

Seamless dinosaur pattern

What images have proved particularly popular in 2015?

As far as my experience, 2015 was marked by the need of the market for flat design images, no matter the topic, only simple shapes, clear colors, less details, I dare to say – a retro style. Some images that are constantly attractive and remain as most popular are selling regardless of trends.

Curled lips with Great Britain flag

Can you explain a bit about the creative process – what tools/software you use?

As I said before, this work provides a wide range of possibilities for expression of creativity. Creativity in this case does not necessarily imply a difficult, complicated and time-consuming process, but primarily – idea and originality. This can be especially noted in logos and trademarks. As we know, the best-known global brands are recognized around the world on the basis of the originality, simplicity and effectiveness. They can be very good guidelines that help in a designers work.

When I do my work, I sketch images on paper or sometimes I work directly on computer using my main work tools – paper, pen, electronic drawing board and the computer. I use Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Human digestive system

How has your work developed since you began contributing to stock or do you think it’s remained consistent?

Doing design, the artist is inevitably improving and changing the way of work and as far as quality and as far as the current market needs, which are constantly changing in accordance with general life trends and development. It is a process of constant improvement and I think that is the only way of gaining success.


Igor Petrovic

A big thank you to Igor for taking the time to speak with us. To see more of his work you can discover it on his Fotolia portfolio as well as on Facebook.