Discover the meaning of colors and choose the most consistent for your visuals!

Colors are a powerful tool that can amplify the emotions and tease the senses, so to know how to use them can be decisive for the effectiveness of a campaign.

It’s not a coincidence that as many as 85% of consumers consider color as one of the decisive factors in the choice of buying a product and that colored advertisements are read 42% more than black and white ones. Color influences the behavior of your audience, so if you want your communications to be effective it is imperative you research your color choices to ensure the best campaign results!

But how does one choose the right color to boost your project value? It’s as simple as knowing the emotions associated with colors (which is a common theme worldwide), and choosing the one that is closest to the objective you want to reach.

1. White

Use white if you want to communicate calm, purity and cleanliness. It’s not a coincidence that it is used in technology to communicate minimalism and simplicity (see Apple brand) and can often be associated with wellbeing and medicine.

Brands using: EA, Jaguar, Tesla

Cloud - Paper Cut Vector Illustration

2. Orange

Orange is the color you need if you have to communicate your joy, warmth and enthusiasm filling your visuals with a sense of positive energy. Choose it for your winter’s projects to fill them with warmth and attract attention! There are also elements of affordability which are pronounced when using the color orange.

Brands using: Penguin books, Orange Mobile, Etsy

Kitten sleeping on knee of woman wearing orange jeans

3. Pink

In all its shades, pink is an elegant and stylish color that can evoke many emotions. It can be stimulating or relaxing and is able to communicate great comfort and relaxation. It’s also trendy, and forward thinking. And of course one cannot escape the gender association with the color pink.

Brands using: Victoria Secrets, Airbnb, T-Mobile

Pink flamingo in studio

4. Purple

Do you want to give a touch of mystery and fascination to your visual? Purple may be the color you are looking for! In communication it is often associated with prestige and to royalty and is perfect for luxury items.

Brand using: Yahoo!, Hallmark, Cadburys

Smiling Girl on a Violet Background

5. Gold

If preciousness is the key of your creative concept, gold is the perfect color to give a touch of magic to your visual, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary in a simple midas touch.

Brand using: MGM, St. Regis, Louis Vuitton

businessman suit with long hair

6. Red

Brands using the color red are energetic and passionate. They are often innovators and have secured their position in the market place, affording them the use of the color which is so often associated with danger.

Brands using: Coca-Cola, Kellogs, Levis

Car carrying a Christmas tree

It’s also worth looking at how your competitors and other companies are using colors in their marketing and communicating approaches as well as trusting your own instincts – we all know that blue has a soothing, healing mood to it whereas yellow represents youth and energy.

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