As you know, Adobe Stock has just added videos to its collection of files available to license. So if you have any new productions yet to upload, now is the time to update your Fotolia portfolio as they will automatically be added to Adobe Stock in addition!

By having your portfolio up to date ensures your most recent work will be available to a whole host of new buyers on a platform where more customers can discover and license your work without breaking their creative flow! You can view full details here about how video buyers will be able to browse, search and license through Creative Cloud libraries and use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC.

Be cautious of submitting dated footage; no one wants to buy out-of-date anything. We are looking for footage content to represent the social shifts in lifestyle; think diversity, new family types, active seniors, new gender norms, strong women in sport, leaving the stuffy old stock clichés behind.

We are also on the lookout for content depicting the shift in corporate imagery, the small businesses, people working from home, women in leadership roles, casual work groups, the makers in today’s industry.

As ever, think of the end use; consider your audience. You might have heard us bang on about the term ‘authenticity’ once or twice this year, and we’re not going to stop there! People want to see content they can relate to, that has personality, as well as being technically well conceived and produced. Choose your models carefully, storyboard, direct, have fun! Your audience is media savvy, and ‘stocky’ stock is having its comeuppance!

For the specifics please submit your files in MOV format. MP4, MPG and AVI are also accepted. We accept 4K DCI (4096×2160) UHD TV (3840×2160) and Full HD (1920×1080). PNG Codec is required for files including an alpha channel, and H.264 for files that don’t include an alpha channel. Other codes are also supported.

Clips can be between 5-60 seconds, with the maximum size of any file being 3,900MB. For the audio, ambient sounds within a scene can be included but music is not permitted. Finally, the frame rates can be 23.98, 24, 25.97, 30, 50, 59.94, and 60.

For more information head here.