In todays image saturated world the audience has become skeptical, no longer recognising themselves amongst overly contrived, polished imagery. People want to see something real; they want to resonate with imagery, to see themselves. In order to create this kind of digital intimacy you must be aware of the main principles of visual storytelling.

It’s not about showing the perfect moment anymore, but the real moment. People are seeking authenticity in images. They want to see an instant that speaks to their human experience. Images that effect people tell a universal story, that of your subject, and that of your viewer. By showing real life experiences, people and places, you create a strong and emotional connection with your audience.

italian artisan working in lutemaker workshop

Big Brother Lovingly Playing with Newborn Baby Sister

Producing visuals that reflects authentic human experiences leads to the second important principle in storytelling: create emotions. Stimulate the senses! People look for the details; these details tell the story and make it feel real. They want to literally taste, hear and smell the essence of the image.


Mud race runners assistance for breakthrough

Every story needs a powerful figure. The lover, the adventurer, the wiseman, the hero or the everyday-man are influential storytelling subjects that harbour recognition and a connection with the audience. These archetypes reveal shared roles among societies – they carry timeless and universal values.

Ballerina standing backstage before going on stage

To connect with your audience one must choose a theme that highlights cultural values, that creates a bond with how we live our lives today. This reminds us the importance of relevancy – the other important factor of visual storytelling. Relevancy provides localized content in real-time. For example, we have experienced a big social shift in relation to the traditional father figure, embracing the role of the mother, neutralizing the conventional gender of the ‘traditional’ family.


There is an authentic, emotional and relevant story behind every powerful image. By understanding the stories that shape our culture and values, you can create more engaging content and connect with your audience.

To celebrate all those images that capture the potency of real emotion we have created a Moments Gallery, to share our contributors stories, your stories.