Understanding color and the impact it has on our minds and attitudes is essential to making marketing-smart color decisions. We’ve explored this reality with a few colors already, gold and purple. Let’s take a look at the color pink and what its meaning.

Depending on the shade of pink used, its usage has the power to direct communication in a powerful way. Generally speaking, every variation of pink can be either stimulating or calming. The word itself conjures up a variety of different images and concepts and is often associated with love and romance.

It is a stylish color and while generally considered feminine, it’s not just for girls! Pink is trendy and playful and is surprisingly popular in web design. And this Autumn/Winter it’s sugary shades of bubblegum pink that are dominating the trends. Think pink! And get inspired by our “frozen pink” gallery.

Active vulcano

Delicious frozen raspberries on steel

Christmas cats seamless pattern

black woman with a light pink lips sending kiss

Lots of tower cranes build large residential building at evening

By Aurore Campbell