If you’ve not gone to see Ridley’s Scott’s latest directorial masterpiece ‘The Martian‘ then we stress that you go and book your tickets now (that is, of course, once you’ve finished this article!). The film is a breathtaking testament to one man’s survival skills when he finds himself left, completely alone, on Mars.

Part of the beauty of the film is the setting itself, the Red Planet, or, in reality, Jordan – proof of the success of the cinematography, completely absorbing, giving the impression of being shot in an out of this world place.

Here’s a few aesthetic snippets from Fotolia’s stock library of what you can expect.

on mars

Deserted terrestrial planet

Astronaut Spaceman Mars Planet

alien rock

Suolo marziano

Imaginary view of earth rising from the horizon of plant Mars. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA

Mars  Scientific illustration -  planetary landscape