We were struck by Fotolia Contributor Dzmity’s beautifully bold and bright image of a woman’s head covered in a floral arrangement. We asked him to explain the inspiration behind the image:

“In the beginning, I didn’t plan on hiding the model’s face. The photo was intended for use in a magazine, and we’ve used a lot of props that covered the model’s face only partially. I found this amusing and interesting, because in fashion photography, the model’s face – in particular, the gaze – plays the most important role. So I set for myself a tough challenge, to transmit emotion through the sole use of the model’s body, while at the same time staying true to the aesthetics and allure of fashion photography. Since these were uncharted waters for me and for the model, we had made several attempts until we finally got on the same wavelength and the work started to flow.

It turns out that the more limitations and constraints you set for yourself, the more creative you can get. It was a wonderful and useful experience, which has opened a qualitatively new level of collaboration between model and photographer, and has highlighted the importance of details such as: having the right lighting and striking the right pose; and has helped the photographer and the model unleash their full creative potential. This photo shoot has inspired me to develop a whole series of photographs in which the model’s face acquires a secondary role, and I plan on working in a similar style in many of my future projects as well.”

You can discover more of Dzmity’s work on his Fotolia portfolio here.