This week’s image was shot by Jorge C. Hauser, one of RooM the Agency’s many exclusively represented content providers. Jorge is based in Mexico and whilst he photographs a variety of wildlife, he is especially passionate about sharks and keen to ensure their protection. 

“This picture was taken in a spot called “Tiger Beach”, in the Bahamas, named after all the tiger sharks that hang around in the area.

At a shallow depth of 20ft, Martin, a German diver, shoots video of Hook, one of the superstar resident females. I used my Canon 1DX with a 14mm lens inside a Nauticam housing with a 9″ Zen glass dome.

Last November (2014) I spent a week aboard the Dolphin Dream photographing several species of sharks, as well as wild dolphins.

Around 100 million sharks are killed every year due to the high demand for their fins, specially in Asia. They are apex predators that play a crucial role in keeping the oceans healthy, we should respect and preserve them, not drive them to extinction.”

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