Most of can’t function in the mornings without it. A lot of us can’t sleep at night because of an excess of it. Decaf, iced, flat, extra foam, non-fat, double, hazelnut, soya – however you take your coffee, today is the day for appreciating the process from bean to cup.

International Coffee Day was founded to highlight the plight of coffee growers as well as market the importance of buying fair trade.  The coffee business is a global ecosystem, supporting millions of people and being one of the world’s most populous crops, proving the importance of the industry transcends more than your daily caffeine fix.

So take a moment today, whether you’re sipping robust Colombian blend or a dark roast Italian espresso, to think about where your coffee comes from. And for those of you not fortunate enough to have a barista in close vicinity and have had to reach for the instant, here’s some coffee art photos to stimulate your senses.

coffee espresso splash

Coffee inspirational vector poster.

Female holding cup of coffee

Top View of Coffee Drink Break Concept, Vintage Tone

Latte coffee topping made by milk foam top on the cup of hot cof

Bol de chocolat pop art

World cup of coffee

Asian farmer pick coffee bean