It’s that time of year again, causing excitement and stress for children and adults alike! If you decide to cover the event in all its diversity you must also show the richness and multiplicity of the emotions it generates. Help us illustrate the different contexts and the range of emotions surging through families as they pack up their loved ones for their first day, or last year of school this term!

Every country has its own tradition and we would love to get inspired by the different ways of celebrating this event. In Germany, for example, for the very first day at school, children are getting a big paper cone filled with goodies and presents.

Kinder an ihrem ersten Tag in der Schule

Making the transition back to school after the summer vacation is not always easy. It can be the cause of stress and stain especially for youngsters, who readily try to convince their parents it’s too soon for them to start!

children and mother crying first day go to pre-kindergarten school

Other more experienced troublemakers see September as an opportunity to fully express the tragedy of the closing summer in true Drama Class fashion.

preteen handsome boy scratch his head

September marks the end of the long summer evenings, as well as the long summer lie-ins; problematic for some pupils

unhappy girl waking up

Although, others find their own solution to this issue at school

Bored High School Pupil Slumped On Desk In Classroom

However, for most students, the first weeks of school are exciting. It’s a time to reunite with old friends, start new classes and get back into the swing of things!

cute group teenages at the building of university

As the class begins, most are eager to show their motivation and stimulate their grey matter, by now a little numbed by the summer break

happy pupils raising hands during the lesson

After a few weeks all this excitement, stress or anxiety dissipates and it feels like you never left; leaving some looking forward to the next vacation!

Demotivated students sitting in a lecture hall with one girl napping in college

At the end of it all, going back to school leaves no one unscathed! Don’t miss this special time; go capture the spectacle of emotions!