Frans Lanting (represented on Fotolia by MintFoto) is a world-renowned National Geographic nature photographer who has devoted his entire career to making images of nature that resonate with the viewer in a special, unique and powerful way.  Lanting is a pioneer in nature photography and continually pushes the envelope in an effort to produce a new vision and to add insight and understanding to the subjects that he photographs.

Zebra herd, Equus quagga, Masai Mara Reserve, KenyaThis approach has earned him numerous world-wide awards and he is considered one of the true masters of nature photography.  His ability to constantly innovate and to show us the natural world in an new, exciting and artistic manner has lead to his considerable success.   His photograph of the Canadian geese, in flight, that is captured with a long lens and long exposure, is a perfect example of his quest for innovation and artistic excellence and the best thing – they are available on Fotolia!

If you are in, or paying a visit to Washington DC you can check out Fran’s exhibition ‘National Geographic Into Africa: The Photography of Frans Lanting‘ running until Summer 2016.