Turquoise water, coral reefs home to multicolored fish, or even divers that maneuver between sharks and manta rays… If you’re looking for magical images of underwater flora and fauna, dive into Fotolia!

All the greatest underwater diving spots are represented in our image bank: the Maldives, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Bahamas, the Red Sea, the Canary Islands, and many others. Simply type the name of the geographic location you want in our search engine.

Mediterranean jellyfish near surface

Every day, our artistic direction selects the best photos, illustrations, and videos for you, produced by agencies and professional and passionate photographers, as underwater photography requires skill and special equipment.

Nemo found

Of course, by moving closer to the subject to take a photo, we could enjoy and take nice pictures with equipment available to everyone: a newer, compact, digital device and a waterproof case, just enough to learn… and create a passion! We’ll just have to stay close enough to the surface to not lose too much light (the built-in flash quickly shows its limitations) nor to see the colors fade. When we plunge down into the waters’ depths, red actually has the tendency to disappear, whereas blue becomes dominant. Passionate underwater photographers are thus specially equipped with external flashes, “macro” or very wide angle lenses, and a digital single lens reflex.

Bahamas, Caribbean sea, Tiger beach, Divers and tiger shark underwater

Dolphin under water

On Fotolia, we’ve organized several categories that will help you find the perfect image, including an underwater category in our Landscapes section, which displays the best-selling images, as well as recent arrivals.

Underwater Category

In our category dedicated to animals, we also offer a Marine animals subcategory, which itself expands into the Crabs, Deep-Sea Fish, Dolphins, Fish, Lobsters, Mussels, Shellfish, Sea Snails, Sharks, Whales, and let’s not forget Coral, subcategories.

Aquatic and Marine Life - Sub-categories

Our search options are available to refine your selection to, for example, only save very large panoramic views, or only photos of animals on a white or single-color background, which are easy to cut out.

Tropical Anthias fish with net fire corals and shark

Of course, nothing is obliging you to look through our categories. You could easily write the name of an animal species in our search engine, either indicating its usual name or specifying its binomial nomenclature in Latin (Stenella longirostris, Neopetrolisthes maculatus, Risbecia tryoni, etc.). And you can also expand your searches by adding keywords that come to mind, for example shipwreck… or selfie with friends!

Scuba diver swimming near wreck of Japanese fighter plane, Palau

Scuba diving

Underwater selfie with friend. Scuba diver and shark in deep sea.