Nasa’s new deep space satellite DISCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory) earlier in July released the first image taken of Earth taken by their Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera, aptly named ‘EPIC’.

Majestically detailed in over one million pixel resolution it’s a giant leap for mankind since the first image taken twenty five years ago back in 1990 by Voyager; one pixel capturing Earth from 3.7 billion miles away.  

PIA00452_mdSource: Nasa

EPIC is a four mega pixel CCD camera and telescope and the extraordinarily high-res image according to NASA was generated as a result of three separately taken photographs. Captured in full sunlight North and Central America is clearly visible with the coasts of Western Europe peeking slightly into shot.

It’s not the first breakthrough photograph that’s been released by NASA this month. We’ve been spoilt in our understandings of what lies above us, the recent closest ever images of dwarf planet Pluto clearly marking a new chapter in astronomical findings.


Source: NASA