As a stock agency, we are proud to spread powerful and diverse images of women. We want to represent a more diverse range of people, of different ages, ethnicities and body types. Now is your chance to shift perceptions and overturn clichés- because we want to get closer to authentic images and show women who are embracing their lives and being the protagonist of their own stories. We would like to enrich the world of stock photography with images that challenge and empower the vision of modern women and girls.

Professionally, women are not necessarily only businesswomen; they are surgeons, lawyers, chefs, designers, scientists and soldiers. Women can also be found in corporate roles, but they don’t always have to wear a power suit, glasses and hold a briefcase. Women in offices wear contemporary clothes, working alongside men, commanding lead positions.

Mature female doctor in hospital room


Farmer With Vet Examining Calf

Things have changed in the family too. Mothers aren’t only changing diapers, folding laundry and happily stirring the soup for dinner. The role of mothers does not have to be one-dimensional. They often find a great balance dedicating time for the ones they love as well as for themselves, such as practising yoga, exercising in the gym, or simply meeting up with friends.

Mother with her daughter

In relation to hobbies, we want to represent women engaging in competitive sport, and constructive industrious hobbies such as metalwork, and woodcraft. We want to show being female is not limited to what are considered traditional feminine pastimes.

As image-makers, you have a crucial part to play in today’s representation of women. An easy and effective way to change attitudes towards women is to change how we see them in imagery. Be part of it!