The amount of words in the English language, at the time of writing, currently stands at 1,205,109.8 . When this amount is considered it’s becomes even more incredulous that at times, all that you want to say, or the only thing you can think of saying, can be summarised in an emoji.

For anyone unfamiliar with these little ideograms or ‘smileys’ (disappointed face, it’s 2015!), emoji literally means picture [e] and character [moji] and are supported on the majority of browsing systems.

Sydney based photographer Peechaya Burroughs has transformed these cute little icons to the real world using every day objects to cannily recreate them whilst still maintaining their cartoon like essence.


Image: Copyright © peechaya 2015 Sydney


Image: Copyright © peechaya 2015 Sydney


Image: Copyright © peechaya 2015 Sydney

For more of Peechaya’s fun and unique work you can find it on her website and Instagram.