If you’re active on Behance and follow digital art trends then it’s highly likely you may have come across UK based, Sardinian born Alberto Seveso. Sound familiar? He was also one of the fantastic ten artists Fotolia worked with during Season Two of the TEN Collection, the design and educational initiative whereby selected artists created a PSD composed of different Fotolia images with their own style and flair.


‘Portrait of a Perfect Stranger’ by Alberto Seveso, 2013 for the TEN Collection by Fotolia.

A further accreditation to self-taught Seveso’s talent this year came in the form of being asked to design the cover for the Adobe Inspire Blog’s 25th anniversary celebration back in April.

Taking predominant inspiration from Adobe’s ‘Wind’ feature and one of his classic go-to starting points, a strikingly beautiful woman’s face, combining the two with another of his design trademarks, dyes dropped into the liquid adding motion, slight distortion and ethereal beauty to the photo.

You can read the full article here as well as discovering more about Alberto’s work on Behance and his website.