We got a chance to speak with Fotolia Contributor Alexander Yakovlev, a talented photographer who captures the dynamics of the body in action in a very artistic way.

Alexander Yakovlev

Can you tell us more about your background and your journey into photography?
I live in Russia in Moscow. I studied to be a lawyer, but the heart selected photography. Professionally, I began shooting in 2004. It was a photo-reports from nightclubs and open air events. Then, I worked as an assistant for a very famous Russian advertising photographer called Vlad Loktev, from whom I learned a lot.

What attracted you to photographing dancers?
One time I was offered to make a portfolio for a big dance school in my city. I had to take pictures of 15 people who teach different dance styles: hip-hop, breakdancing, belly dancing, and other. Results and work with dancers I really liked. Dancers are ideal models for photographer! And I decided to shoot only the dancers and all that is associated with the movement, grace, plasticity, and the harmony of body. And I do this still. I create portfolios for street style dancers, ballerinas, yogis and fitness females. Now I am working on a project about ballet dancers from the best ballet theatres from Russia, which is called “Ballet Time”.

Your photography is extremely technical; can you go into some detail about how you prepare your shots?
I’m very carefully preparing color in Adobe Lightroom. I’m searching for the maximum color and light contrast, to highlight dancers silhouettes and movement. And I always trying to find the ideal dancer’s lines in my favorite Photoshop filter “liquify”.

What is your ‘go-to’ photographic equipment?

Camera, 2 fix lenses -35 mm and 85 mm, coffee and my main assistant – my wife 🙂

What advice can you give to photographers who are looking to share their work on microstock websites such as Fotolia?
Do not be afraid to experiment and search for your style.

Thanks so much to Alexander for taking the time to speak with us. For more of his pictures check out his website and his Fotolia portfolio here.