There is no need for a detailed introduction of this man. He’s a Digital Artist, a high-end Retoucher, an Art Director and an Online Tutor – and he is one of the very best in each of those disciplines! We had the pleasure of meeting ‘Master of all Trades’ DomQuichotte for an interview.

In addition to the many awards DomQuichotte has already won, he was awarded a rather special one. In October 2014 in Las Vegas he was presented with the “Photoshop World Guru Award” in the category “Best Photo Montage”.

The winning image composition entitled “Apocalypse Berlin” was created using the material established in his training DVD “Hollywood Artworks”. In this 10-hour crash course, the Hollywood insider demonstrates how to create pictures that look just like ones from the dream factory. Based on three extensive Photoshop composings, you can comprehend step-by-step how astonishing movie posters and fantastic screenlands emerge out of nowhere. By the way, those of you who have not yet watched a tutorial by DomQuichotte should know that you will be learning a lot – and have a whole lot of fun on top. But let us first hear from the man himself!

Hello Dom! Would you mind introducing yourself to the members of our community, especially to those who may not know you yet? Who are you and what is your profession?

Hello Fotolia community, I am DomQuichotte, Digital Artist, Retoucher and Art Director and I mainly work for photographers and agencies in Los Angeles and Berlin. I gained fame in the Photoshop scene with my international project – a platform for Photoshop enthusiasts on an advanced level, where we offer free Photoshop video tutorials. At this point, users from about 150 countries visit our website on a daily basis.


How did you get into Digital Art?

Only one word comes to my mind: progress! I have known very early that I wanted to do something creative. After school I had to choose between my two passions: music and design. I chose to study media design and I have never come to regret that decision. In the beginning I was sure that I would work in the print business until the possibilities of the on and offline field started to fascinate me. After all, I wrote my diploma thesis about special effects in movies.

Throughout my studies, I built up contacts to several successful photographers and cultivated my fascination for pictures. I started to retouch and one thing led to another. It was a continuous progress that is far from being completed.

How would you describe your style?

I intentionally try to not have a specific style. It is different in photography, where having a certain style is hard to avoid. For my contract work though, I have to do what the client wants. If they have a vision, I am the one who realizes this vision – a personal style would be counterproductive here.

Can you say a few words about this fantastic artwork?


This image composition won the “Photoshop World Guru Award” in the category “Best Photo Montage” in Las Vegas last October. It shows the apocalyptic downfall of Berlin; a landscape consisting of sand that suggests the capital by the destroyed landmarks only. This movie poster is a result from my training DVD “Hollywood Artworks” – a classic apocalypse movie poster. I took photos of the person in a studio; the rest is from the Fotolia database.


How long have you been working with Fotolia? How did that come about?

I’ve happily joined forces with Fotolia for about one and a half years now. Through my work in agencies and movie productions I had a lot of contact with image agencies. Fotolia and me experienced some very exciting productions together, and as a result I have created a lot of relevant lightboxes for myself. Honestly, I can’t imagine my everyday work life without Fotolia, as much as I can’t imagine it without my Wacom graphic tablet or my Sony Alpha 7R.

What kind of equipment/software do you use for your work?

My basics consist of a Mac, Adobe CC 2014 (especially Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere and InDesign), my Wacom Intuos Pro, my Sony Alpha 7R and an Internet connection. With that I can do my job basically anywhere in the world.

Which was the most interesting project that you have worked on so far?

That is a hard question. Which one of your children do you like best? It is still fascinating every time you drive by a poster you designed, hold a magazine in your hands or watch a movie and stay until the very end to see the credits. But it would be impudent to pick a favorite. Every project is exciting and has its challenges – that is what I like about my job.

What are you working on right now?

This year I will probably focus on my project FX-Ray. There will also be a new production of “Apassionata”. Another workshop DVD is planned, as well as books and workshops… 2015 is an exciting year.

Your spectacular artwork for the family show “Apassionata” which takes place all over Europe is omnipresent these days!

Right, this artwork for the current “Apassionata” show “The Golden Trace” decorates advertising columns and poster walls all over the Germany. The title of the show is figuratively converted to an image. The horses were photographed in the O2 Arena in Hamburg and assembled from various pictures. The other material is from Fotolia.



Do you have some tricks or advice for our community members?

The most important piece of advice that can be given to any human being is never give up, but be honest and open-minded while achieving your goals. There are, for example, many picture editors who are completely convinced that their images are great, despite completely wrong perspective and lighting. You have to admit your mistakes to correct them. That is the only way to improve.

Thank you very much for the talk, Dom – we look forward to many more projects with you!

You can find more of, with and about DomQuichotte on his Website and on Facebook.