Daniela and Adrian Mangiuca, the founders of niche sci-fi video and design company And INC. shared with us the potential of selling on stock through the example of one of their videos from their Fotolia portfolio.

“The clip you mentioned is part of a science fiction series we are working on for several years now. I would love to tell you more about that too. 

Before, a little background:I together with my partner Adrian, own an architectural visualization company, AND Inc. Our life-long hobby is classic science fiction. A few years ago, we started to sell our sci-fi themed 3D models, graphics and animations as a side-income source. The buyer’s response was amazing – with custom design requests – and now almost half of what we do for a living is science fiction themed.

A recent personal achievement – with a real interesting story behind – were the following two files, sold on Fotolia at:

File: #62179064 | Author: AND Inc   https://us.fotolia.com/id/62179064


File: #30279823 | Author: AND Inc   https://us.fotolia.com/id/30279823 (image top of page).

They were part of the last episode of: “Through The Wormhole – with Morgan Freeman” titled “Do We Live in the Matrix?” aired on the Science Channel. 

The chosen ‘Story Behind the Image‘ could qualify as a self-fulfilling prophecy 🙂 We did it a few years back, after watching this show. At that time, we imagined what we would do if we were part of their visualization team. And so, when we saw the clip featured in the very show that inspired it, it was like our wish has been retroactively granted.

The true icing on our professional cake happened when, this video clip started running and Morgan Freeman voiced over the following:  “The most sophisticated video games, still played on two dimensional screens, like the one you’re watching now.”

I have to add that we’ve seen several of our clips in shows like “Ancient Aliens”, “Hangar 1” or other alien-themed shows, but never before we’ve seen them in a show the caliber of “Through The Wormhole”… and did I mention it was narrated by Morgan Freeman? (Of course I did… :))”

A big thank you to Daniela and Adrian for sharing their ‘Story Behind the Image’. You can discover more of their work on their Fotolia portfolio, website and YouTube channel.