A reflection of an era, a way of life, a culture. Architecture, in many parts of the world, is considered a major art. The art of building is not only for the purpose of fulfilling functional objectives, but is inseparable from aesthetic research and social reflection; it has an environmental, and even philosophical and religious, approach.

All these architectural dimensions can be found in our Fotolia image bank! Our strength? Thousands of professional photographers explore the world and fuel our catalog with photos of buildings from all eras and all continents. Ancient architecture, ancient cities of the East, magnificent palaces or monumental religious temples: you will find all of the symbols of the world’s architectural heritage on Fotolia.

You only need to type the name of a building or famous site into our search engine. To find the ideal image and to avoid retrieving, for example, photos captured in landscape mode or which are very wide and captured in panorama mode, or even those where nobody is visible, browse through and tick various search options.

New York manhattan

Our collection includes, naturally, recent buildings, with all modern or contemporary standards, and various current styles and designs, such as the Bauhaus school. Commercial constructions, industrial buildings, office blocks, public buildings, contemporary housing… On our website’s home page, click on the “Buildings and architecture” category and then on one of its sub-categories in order to refine your selection.




The choice is vast and we cover as many actual building photos and videos here as we do their 2D and 3D illustrations and professionally-produced architectural plans.




In your pursuit of visuals for contemporary apartments and homes, you may also want to present the area and the interior layout. Via the hundreds of thousands of images categorized by type of living space (living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, swimming pool, garden…), our “Private properties” sub-category will help you. But, an empty room lacks warmth! Fortunately, a multitude of atmospheres and scenery await you. Modern design is always popular and is particularly well-represented, but other styles also justly reflect the trends declined by the interior designers of today.

For example, the Shabby chic ambiance, one of 2015’s major decorating trends, provides a much sought-after look at country homes from the side of urban interiors. It combines antique objects and patinated furniture in a pastel decor with floral motifs.

nordic style