These long hot days filled with bright skies and sun-kissed skin, with the smell of sun cream and barbecues trickling through the air, are what make the summer. These are the days that if all you do is lie on the grass in the park and watch the world go by, you’re perfectly content. Everywhere is brimming with life and activity, from picnics in the park and barbecues with friends and family to frolicking in the sea or pool and dosing under the sun.

Whatever you choose to do in the sunny (and let’s be honest, often rainy) months now is the time to update your portfolio with your summer festivities! Whether you take a foreign holiday or a ‘staycation’ the summer comprises of key moments to capture and boost your portfolio content.

Owners Of Delicatessen Standing Outside Shop Together

We want to see your photos, footage and vectors capturing these long hot summer days- the good times, the food, the festivals, the trips, and the lazy afternoons.

As well as celebrating the coming of the summer, we will raise a glass to our Dad’s on June 21st (France, Japan, UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, India amongst others). Feel free to share your take of what makes today’s fathers so special!