This week’s ‘Story Behind the Image’ is from Slovakian Fotolia Contributor Tomas Sereda. We spoke to him about he managed to capture the beauty, vibrancy and essence of one of London’s most famous iconic landmarks:

“I’m glad you took my photograph of London. I don’t have to introduce the place, The Houses of Parliament, it being one of most most photographed building in the world. I photographed it about 30 minutes before sunrise on the opposite side of the Thames. The camera I used was a Canon 5D Mark II setting 6s, f/10, ISO 50 with a Canon 17-40 mm f/4; this set up helped to capture the beautiful clouds over Big Ben. I was lucky because I was only in London for one day.

I like taking pictures in the morning, when the streets of crowded metropolises are empty, it’s more preferable to savour the moment. And this is also the time when you can take photos without people.

I like travelling very much cities for their culture but of course to take their pictures. Among one of the largest was London but I’ve also visited Paris, Venice, Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Oslo, Stockholm, Istanbul, Prague. I am constantly adding architectural treasures and urban landscape photos, but for reasons close to my heart I prefer taking pictures of beautiful Slovak mountains in different seasons, as well as other beautiful moments of nature throughout Europe” 

Mountain peak at winter - Roszutec - Slovakia mountain Fatra


Many thanks to Tomas for speaking with us! To see more of his work you can find it on his Fotolia portfolio here.