Are you looking for a beautiful picture of a polar bear or a beautiful sunset on a wild area in a remote region of the world? Resist the urge to pack your suitcases! If you need an image quickly and at a very reasonable cost, you have a much better chance of finding the perfect picture on Fotolia.

Our image bank offers you one of the most beautiful collections of photographs, illustrations and videos devoted to flora and fauna, the wonders of nature, and wild and grandiose landscapes. We have millions of exceptional quality images shot by professional photographers and renowned photo agencies. All the continents, all the regions of the world, even the most remote, and of course all the nature reserves and major wildlife parks are represented on Fotolia.

NiagaraOur collection will enable you to illustrate any type of professional publication, whether digital or printed, including in very high definition, to depict the beauty, power or fragility of the natural world. You can also create beautiful interior decorations by printing your images of nature or animals in the form of posters or pictures (choose our Extended license if you intend to sell them).

Cheetah 1

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Maybe you still don’t have a very clear idea of the image that you need? Our classification by categories and sub-categories will be a valuable help for you to find inspiration (e.g. Animals > Mammals, or Landscapes > Nature and wilderness areas).

Family of elephants.

Photo of a coral colony

As for fauna and flora, while it is obviously possible to search for a species by simply typing its common name (dog, lion, fern, etc.), you should know that many passionate nature photographers also indicate the Latin binomial name of the animal or plant species in their keywords. So, to obtain a selection of photographs of the cute red-eyed tree frog, you can for example type Agalychnis callidryas in our search engine.

frog closeup on white

And to find the ideal photo or video of a species in its natural habitat even more quickly, you can add the favoured region of the animal or plant, or even notions of the season (summer, winter, snow, etc.) to your search criteria.


Goats on tree eating argan, in Marocco

With a single click, our search engines can also help you to select, for example, only wide-angle panoramic views, or only cut-out images on a white background, or even images where there are no humans present to accentuate the wild side of the scene.

Standing out of the crowd

For children you will find many illustrations of animals for fun or educational purposes. And, just in case you need it: our collection of animals also covers the microscopic world and imaginary animals with unicorns, mermaids and dragons!

Mermaid and Dolphin