We are extremely excited today to announce the news that Fotolia, Europe’s leading stock image provider launches its much-anticipated new website version. The new site updates will make a considerable positive change to both our contributors and clients alike. From the visual re-design to the user-interface here’s a brief summary of the new additions and/or improvements to explore to heighten your browsing, purchasing and contributing experience.


 6 - Better browsing experience

Previewing images has been noticeably enhanced. Now, there is no need to click on an image to be directed to the image page itself. Simply hover your cursor over the image and it’ll enlarge, allowing you to fully assess whether it’s of interest. Don’t like the function? Then simply switch the ‘show preview’ option off.

4 - Bigger Preview Bis

The site layout is easy to navigate around with clear functionality pinpointed with more intuitive options to guarantee you’ll find the perfect creative resource for your projects.

Those looking for a little inspiration can now find it directly in the Fotolia home page. Some of our most popular categories are visually displayed allowing you to see a range of the type of images associated with a specific theme. Updated regularly, you can always ensure you’ll get a renewed concept to inspire you!


9 - Filters in the Search Header

All the search filters, which previously were situated on the left hand side of the page, are now located in the header above the images themselves accessible via a dropdown menu allowing you to first clearly asses if you need to refine your search filters before enabling it.


7 - Improved Shopping Cart

Each Fotolia product available is now clearly presented; from the online products such as images and videos to the corporate services offered. No time is wasted in finding the service or product you are looking for. An overview of each individual service (such as credit packs, subscriptions etc.) are laid out to ensure you get the package that fits your needs in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

Once you’ve found the image you want and you’re ready to purchase it you will notice this process is now possible far quicker and more conveniently. We’ve removed the checkout page enabling you to download the image directly from your shopping cart.

Once you’ve decided on an image and clicked on it to view the information you will find it far more conveniently laid out in regards to the size, price and description of the image. From this moment you can decide to buy, or, if you want to wait but don’t want to lose the image, simply add it to your lightbox; choose the gallery you wish to add it to directly from the image page itself giving you more structured management of your images.


3 - Contributor Section Bis

If you’re a contributor you can most likely attest to the fact that there is a lot of information you require in order to upload your stock files. The new contributor information section gathers all the information in one place. Thus ensuring you not only upload the right thematic as well as technically correct files, in the appropriate format, but also give you insights as well as enabling you to monitor and analyze your sales in order to benefit you when it comes to planning future shoots. New contributors will have clear step-by-step instructions underlining how to get started and uploading to the site. The faster and more hassle-free that becomes, the more time there is for images to be on the site and as a result, the more chance of sales!

Go to www.fotolia.com and let us know what you think of the new site! We’d love to hear your feedback!