Interior design practices are evolving. We want our homes to look up to date, stylish and modern. Yet we cannot always afford to hire an interior designer, and it’s sometimes difficult to catch with evolving trends, emerging solutions, and products. Is it then possible to redecorate the living room, bedroom, or kitchen quickly and within budget? This is where the latest printing technologies come in handy – they just require an additional touch of imagination.

Schwedenofen vor Sofa - Fireplace in front of a sofa

Sadly enough, heavy furniture, dark interiors and accessories echoing the 1990s at best, are still permanent fixtures in some places around the world. However cosy and classical, or modern and spacious interiors can be arranged even in a small apartment in a block. Modern technologies, DIY ideas and solutions offered by many companies can bring completely new qualities out of archaic or simply boring interiors.

Sofa in romantischen Ambiente


Renovating, refreshing, brightening

Therefore it has been decided – we want to redecorate our living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If we cannot afford furniture replacements, let’s try to focus on details. Whether we prefer a more romantic aesthetic or minimalist Scandinavian-style interiors, the first thing to do is to get rid of old dusty curtains that take away precious sunlight some of us desperately need during long winter months. We can simply replace them with modern and lighter blinds or, if the view from the window allows us to, we can just leave the windows without them! The same goes for carpets. We should seriously consider whether we really need an old dusty and ragged shagpile, especially if there is beautiful parquet flooring underneath, or good-looking panels, which only need covering with a smaller and cosier rug around the table or bed. The next step is to analyse the colours of the interior. We can quickly and conveniently paint the walls ourselves with innovative paint coats available on the market – just paint all of them or, in line with the latest trends, only one, or a selected section of the surface. When doing it yourself, it’s key to keep the proportions right. The best way is to select one dominant colour, and another only to highlight it.

Inneneinrichtung - Interior design


Accessories give your interior a special feel

If the above is still too much, remember that some bric-a-brac may be just enough to change the climate of your living room or bedroom. First, get rid of old chandeliers, paintings, or haphazardly arranged magazines, papers or other objects which can be put into contemporary containers, or simply hide them away. Old photo or artwork frames can be replaced with more modern-looking clip frames. Decorative pillows on the sofa also add some zest. An excellent idea is to brighten the walls with artistic paintings or graphics. You can have them on the wall as single pieces or in combinations that suit your sense of visual style. Fotolia website data shows that the most frequently purchased images for home decoration purposes are those displaying nature and big cities.

Fotolia – millions of decoration options

Companies that offer such prints have a broad range of materials and formats available, so we can either opt for conventional poster prints or canvas prints that imitate genuine paintings. Photos and original vector graphics can be selected from Fotolia’s stock library – the largest European supplier of creative files, with over 37 million images in stock. The price of a photograph from Fotolia resources, starts from as little as $0.50 per file.. Fotolia’s portfolio also includes scores of original interior decoration inspirations. Let’s remember that you can blow up the selected vector graphics files without compromising their quality, depending on the concept and decorative potential of the interior. You can easily turn them into photo wallpaper for a section of the wall or ceiling, or into a stylish beautifully framed picture.

Living room


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