When was the last time you had an adventure? Children have adventures all the time, though their sense of play and exploration. They try new foods, talk to new people, and scale the playground fearlessly. Adventure is often neglected in modern day society, and is a highly underestimated facet of maintaining and building self-awareness. We’re not talking about exploration in its traditional sense of heading out to claim newfound lands as your own. What we’re getting at is our detachment with nature, and by extension ourselves. This childlike approach to life can re-engage your sense of play and need for adventure. Then, it’s onto bigger playgrounds.

Hike in mountains

Nature is a barometer that explorers adhere to, and battle against, in their journey to scale its fortitude, and re-define their own limitations. This may sound a little on the extreme side, but when you’re faced with the reward of a well-earned boundless beautiful view or the strength of deafening waves breaking on the coastline, rumbling rocks back into the sea, you have to hand it to Mother Nature, she’s pretty badass.

Rope Jumping.

So, we recommend getting back out there. Whatever the first adventure that comes to mind, now is the time to make the baby steps of preparation. Planning, training, researching- even these activities are exciting. Maybe you even wanted to learn another language, why not try it out on the locals? Whatever the adventure, remember to take your camera and tripod with you, and capture your conquests!

travel equipment

However, sometimes a traditional camera isn’t the right artillery for recording the exhilaration of skiing, snowboarding, surfing, scaling a cliff face, or jumping out of a plane. Action cameras such as GoPro fit neatly onto your helmet, or on your bike, kayak, or surfboard; they’re waterproof, shockproof and come with wide-angle lenses to show off your amazing views! It’s an essential piece of equipment for serious adventurers.


Drones are another amazing way of capturing footage over vast landscapes. They are equipped with high quality cameras, great for stills or video, and can be controlled from smartphone apps. Some come with features such as autopilot “Follow me” tracking to capture yourself whilst in transit. Also, great for discovering places that are physically out of reach, even for the most headstrong explorer.

The Point of View angle is another popular way of illustrating the scenery you behold on the summit, or interjections of your adventure. There are a few points of view to choose from, such as from eye level or from behind, above or head on to the subject as action unfolds.

Surfing Bodyboarder Inside Hollow Wave

Research done, equipment accumulated, tried and tested. It’s time for your adventure. If you don’t like feeling small in the face of nature, then this probably isn’t for you. If a little bit of healthy perspective is your bag, then what are you waiting for? Suit up, and don’t forget your compass!

Hiking in Himalaya mountains