Saint Patrick’s Day, despite being a cultural and religious celebration to honour the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, is an internationally recognised day commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

Shamrocks, the three-leaved green plant offers the explanation as to why its common for the Irish to be dressed in green for national events, particularly on Saint Patrick’s Day as well when supporting their national sports teams. The shamrock was used as a reference to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish hence why it is also the symbol for Ireland, being used in the same way that the rose is for England, the thistle for Scotland and the leek for Wales. Due to the migration of Irish worldwide it is a day marked by a multitude of countries including those with large Irish populations such as Australia, the US, Germany and Canada. New York’s parade being the largest in the world.


Saint Patrick’s Day is not just a day however for the religious. It is also a day to commemorate the Irish nation hence why it is often referred to some as ‘Saint Paddy’s’ Day.  A day to showcase their unique music and the Irish sense of fun. A day when the Irish abroad, at home and descendants alike can show their pride and get together in celebrating their vast culture.

Pint of Stout Beer with Green Shamrock with Vintage Film Filter

Whether or not you’re Irish, now’s the time to raise a Guinness to them! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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