We were so excited to speak with Fotolia Instant Contributor Daisy; her portfolio highlighting her inspirational and creative artistry, honed in as a result of her experience working not just behind, but in in front of the camera.

Photo: Rasmus Rantil

Photo: Rasmus Rantil

Can you introduce yourself and where you’re based?

Hi, I am Daisy. I am traveling around the world to feel free and explore. Originally I am from Ukraine, lately I live and work in Shanghai, China. I am a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. I have also been working in the modelling industry for the last five years. I think, that specificity of my occupation fostered a healthy interest in photography. Such experience helped me to get a feel of photography both from the aesthetic and technical side.  I love to shoot on film, but I don’t often have the opportunity to shoot with my Zenit, so I do it on my smartphone because it is always with me.

How did you discover the Instant App from Fotolia? What has your experience of using it been like so far?

Shooting takes up a big part of my work. Once I participated in a project for stock photography as a model. Within a short time I saw one of the pictures from that shooting, used in an advertisement in my city and I thought: ” wow, that’s cool! It’s working!”. After that I’ve got interested in photo stock. At first I thought about posting my illustrations. My first stock photo was with Fotolia. At that time the project Fotolia Instant just started and it aroused my great interest. I already had a several thousands photos in my phone, that I took during my travels, so I decided to try it out. I downloaded a couple of my photos and was very pleased, when first pics were bought, because I saw, that someone can be interested in shots from my daily life. I thought, why not continue? I think, that mobile photography is better designed for transmitting emotions. Such shots turn out to be spontaneous and alive. I guess, that’s the difference between posed shots and shots made with gadgets. I always have my smartphone with me, once I even drowned my phone during rafting, it was an iPhone 4S. That became for me a good reason to get a better camera.

What smartphone do you use and do use any applications/add-ons to improve your smartphone photography?

Currently I’m using an iPhone 5S. At first I applied Instagram filters, but now I use the VSCOcam app to improve light balance or add filters.

What is your favorite photo (or photos) from your Instant portfolio and for what reasons?

The first main things for me in my pictures is emotion.  This was an unbelievable moment in my life with bright emotions from my first visit to sunny Spain. I think that it is great example of mobileography and what it can look like.

rock it

The second for me is moment. I think that main aim is to catch a beautiful moment. Its can be just one second and it is gone, so if you caught it its great. Like this jumping horse from HorseClub in Antalya, Turkey.  I did it and didn’t expect thats it was to be such an amazing moment.

horse silhouette in sunset

Can you explain some background to this fantastic image from your portfolio? 

This was real fun at the supermarket. We came there with friends to grab some beer for a picnic. Actually, riding on shopping barrows is my favorite thing to do at the supermarket 🙂

fun at the supermarket

How do you go about deciding what to shoot for Instant?

In fact, I am shooting my daily life, it’s simple everyday photos, that you can find in my Instagram. I’m chatting with my friends pretty often and we’re exchanging what-are-you-doing-right-now-photos. Most of them find their place on Fotolia afterwards. This shot for example. It was taken in Portugal, I simply sent my “feelings and emotions” to a friend of mine.

in love on the beach

I think, it proves, that mobileography reflects real life and sincere emotions. By the way I noticed, that photos of my legs are pretty popular, so I started to make more shots of this kind, but all of them still remain vivid moments from my life.


stylish cute girl reading a book

What do you think it is about the Instant Collection that sets it aside from regular stock photography? 

I think it is mainstream: originality, spontaneity and creativity, not quality but emotions.  Mobileography goes beyond the standard staged photography, is not just a new word but a whole new and popular trend. So if its find the client and become popular now it must be developed.

What did it feel like the first time you received a sale? Are you able to share what image it was?

My first picture, that was sold, was a fluttering Ukrainian flag.

Ukrainian flag on the blue sky

I guess this picture was used for news blogs. Over the last year developments in Ukraine stirred the whole world. Of course, being Ukrainian I felt proud, that my picture helps to share news and information about the problems in my country.

I wish that the peace came back to my country as soon as possible.

What’s on your Instant photography subject wish list to shoot?

I like animals and I like looking at people’s relation with them. It is always very bright emotions. So I would like to have opportunity to catch more picture of moments of relations between animals and humans.

relax time at the harbor

cute pet

young woman taking care of her horseI don’t take it seriously, it isn’t work or base pay for me. I simply like to observe, see which photos find a quick sale, and to analyse, where can they be used. For now it is kind of a hobby, that brings me pleasant bonuses. Why not? Maybe I am on my right way and it is will be growing for me more than just hobby.

Thank you so much to Daisy for speaking with us about her inspirational Instant Collection experiences! For more of her work you can find it on her Fotolia portfolio, Facebook page, blog and on Instagram.