When we speak of smartphone trends it’s referring to what type of imagery sells, not about what type of images are taken. Otherwise we’d be here all day talking cats, cappuccino foam and selfies.

1) Starting with the exception to the rule (because rules are meant to be broken):

Continuing into 2014/15: The year of the ‘Selfie’

Selfies sold incredibly well in 2014. These selfies however were not shot with smartphones because the front camera of a smartphone, the one used during a selfie, is pretty poor. So next time you want to shoot a best seller selfie with your smartphone, flip it and use the amazing main camera!

2) Pitch black is dead, long live the new black:

In fact pitch black never really existed – surprising we know! Look around you, find the darkest, most black spot and then look again. It’s not black, it’s a dark, saturated yellow, red or blue … but it is never pitch black. 2015 will embrace Mother Nature’s ‘true black’ in her many different forms.

cute girl under the tree

3) Forever young:

Science is working on it, and visual trends already accept that as a fact. The older you get, the more you’ll be channeling your inner teenager. Additionally, the older you become, the more you’re expected to embrace technology, keep up to speed with your grandchildren’s interests and manage your finances and consumer habits on your iPad.

Skater in pool4) Carpe Diem i.e.  #nof***sgiven

Nowadays, pictures of young people represent complete freedom of the opinion of others: a nod to the “if I like it I do it, this is who I am” mindset. This is however just a visual trend, good luck for real life!

fun at the supermarket5) Creativity – yes you can!

Take the time, experiment and have fun with your friends. This is the fundamental basic of a best seller. People want to feel they’re experiencing the moment with you and natural, energetic images highlight and portray this.

man jump wall

6) Reality

Shoot the magic of your everyday life. This is what customers need. The good old 90’s studio shot doesn’t catch the consumer’s eye anymore. Consumer’s want to be transported in to the moment and no matter how good a model’s acting abilities are, it can never compete with the real life moments captured.

Dad dancing with child.

7) Colors, positive energy and spontaneity:

Let’s finish with what sold best. It’s not hard to see why it was the Instant Collection best seller of 2014.

Shoot all the time, it’s free! Then sleep on it and work on tightening your selection, culling those you feel aren’t of the up-most quality. It’ll save you time and effort in the long-run.


The smartphones industry moves fast and this is fundamentally affecting visual trends.

Since last October there are more mobile devices than human on earth.

+1.8 billion pictures are shared every day online.

+1 trillion estimated pictures were taken in 2014.

0 moments will ever be missed again.

We’re at a point in history where people consume imagery in the same way people started appreciating words after the invention of printed books.
People are educating themselves to imagery and they want to see higher quality, more creative and real images, and a lot of them. Advertisers are refreshing their ads, and use a larger range of different visuals per campaign than ever before.

The only certitude we have right now is change. What sold well in early 2014 is not what sold as well at the end of 2014 because not only has hardware quality massively been upgraded, but also new photographers learn and evolve faster than ever. We expect to see the same developments in 2015 ; although with just under 2 billion more photo enabled mobile devices predicted to be sold this year alone, the change might happen even faster.