Steering wheel of old sailing vessel

Nautical is arguably an ever-present design and advertising trend, whether it be in fashion, interiors, pop culture, even body art. It is a trend that has the capacity to expand beyond visual aesthetic.  It represents a multi-faceted view of ways of life and style– whether that be wholesome, traditional, cheeky, fun, conservative, whimsical, sporty, sexy or classic to name a few.

Recreational Yacht at Adriatic SeaCult fashion icons have continuously used the Breton stripe to represent their signature look, from Coco Chanel’s chic and classic interpretation to Jean Paul Gaultier’s rebellious and avant garde version. Pop stars such as Kate Moss, Miley Cyrus and One Direction’s Harry Styles have cultivated their look of recent by sporting anchor tattoos, an iconic design traced back as early as the 1700s commonly associated with sailors.

Nautical in terms of architecture and interior design could be conceived as being slightly more formulaic in representation however there are a multitude of design aspects to take in to consideration. From the crisp, cool lines of sailing boats to maritime industrial metal and woodwork, the look has been conserved as well as manipulated throughout history and continues to do so.

life buoyWe have a fantastic selection of nautical images on Fotolia – you can view the full gallery of some of our favorites here.



old bronze sextant


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