More and more businesses are looking to video to increase engagement on their websites, applications, and advertisements – anywhere in which a specific message is being promoted and requires a user’s attention.

Captivating consumers is becoming an increasingly tricky business as ours minds are diverted constantly. Keeping a user engaged is an art and video has become a key tool in appropriating and maintaining that attention. The more you have a user’s attentiveness, the more likely they are to remember the brand in the future. 93% of businesses are now using video content and 82% of them have noted the positive impact video has made as a result to their business according to ReelSEO in partnership with The Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media.

Fotolia currently has a vast amount of video files ranging in length from 5 to 60 seconds long ensuring that whatever message you’re driving there is a video that will suit your specific requirement. Fotolia is also renowned for it’s localized content so whatever specific theme or subject you are searching for you’re more than likely going to find it on Fotolia.

We’ve been searching our video files for examples that epitomize the high standard of quality and variety of themes that clients are increasingly searching for and purchasing.

German contributor Photolyric’s video portfolio really embodies the recent developments in stock – taking models outside the studio and placing them in natural situations, shot in natural, ambient lighting to promote a warm, soft atmosphere. The actions are simple yet attention to detail is exemplary.

US stock video contributor Videofort is a recent addition to Fotolia’s portfolio and we couldn’t be happier. Renowned as having ‘Hollywood quality’ for their video clips it’s evident to see why. Specializing in high-octane aerial photography as well as the natural world and action sequences, their videos are high-definition truly encapsulate why clients purchase stock videos – they are able to get the most amazing quality of video footage which could take days, weeks or even months to capture, at affordable prices.

UK video contributor Spotmatik are what you could classify as having more of a traditional ‘stock’ aesthetic, yet their videos have attributes which sets them aside.  For example models they’re using, the interaction of the models with one another and the modification of stereotypical scenarios. For example taking a typical business scene outside of the office, situated in a restaurant, drinking wine rather than water. Something that is a daily occurrence for many corporate companies yet not portrayed in reenactments.

Omnispl, a Polish stock contributor focuses on short video clips that emphasize daily occurrences with optimal detail, highlighting the subject’s emotions adding to the depth of the clip. The models used are extremely natural, key to depicting reality.

Ukranian stock contributor Yura Matrox’s portfolio is rather unique in that it is compiled predominantly of computerized graphic and abstract clips. Perfect to be used in opening credits, web backgrounds and by video jockey’s.

This is just a selected perspective of the type of videos Fotolia offers. Remember you can use the same search engine for video files to filter results based on your select requirements.

Videos can drastically improve your professional and design user experience and when you can purchase them for as little as 12 credits! You can find more information about purchasing videos from Fotolia here.