It’s hard to imagine that Adobe Photoshop marks its 25th Birthday today. So synonymous now with digital art and photography, the term ‘photoshop’ has become a verb, a way to describe the aesthetic process in which an image has gone through to determine a desired visual outcome.

The creative impact Photoshop has had on the design world is unparalleled. It would be hard pressed to find a member of the design community who doesn’t rely on it on a daily work life basis.

Adobe, to celebrate this monumental landmark has released an inspiring, creative aficionado’s dream of an ad that will air during the 2015 Oscar’s held this Sunday, 22nd February. It showcases the extraordinary influence Photoshop has had on not only the design world, but the film industry itself with nods to 2015 Oscar nominated films including ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’,  ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’.

Additionally, in homage to the millions of Adobe users around the world, the ad’s predominant focus is on a selection of digitally enhanced artistic mastery from world-renowned digital artists.  We at Fotolia were thrilled to discover that two of our TEN Collection featured artists were included in the ad; a colossal acknowledgement to the cutting-edge talent they represent.

Self-proclaimed ‘Seller of Colours’ and Digital artist Adhemas Batista, represented Brazil in Season 2 of the TEN Collection with his masterfully colourful and elaborate artwork entitled ‘‘Colours to Defy Gravity’. A snippet from the TEN piece itself features at 0’20” of the ad.

It’s a second win for Spain’s Victor Murilla’s, winner of the fourth TEN Collection Season 3 design contest as he sees his collaborative artwork with partner Mario S. Nevado featured in the ad (0’43”), a stunning portrait like piece named ‘Déjà vu’

And last but by no means least, another entrant to the TEN Collection Contest’s work features 0’27” into the ad. The artist is Rubén Álvarez who created a video depicting the process in which the featured piece, entitled ‘Paradise in the Future’ in accordance with the specified theme was created.

As stated in a published piece by New York Times journalist Farhad Manjoo, Photoshop “has not just survived but thrived through every major technological transition in its lifetime: the rise of the web, the decline of print publishing, the rise and fall of home printing and the supernova of digital photography”.

We at Fotolia would love to take this opportunity, on behalf of all our clients and contributors to say a big thank you and happy Birthday to Photoshop – long may it continue to inspire, educate, create and transform.