Pictures side by side

You want to display two pictures side by side on the same line? It’s not always easy. Try the simplest method: in the visual editor, insert the images next to each other, with a “No alignment” for the first one and an “Align right” for the second image. Resize the images so that they can fit side by side (the total width depends on your WordPress theme).

To change the size of the pictures, you can drag their handles or click on a picture to select it, click on the Edit icon then select a Custom Size. In the version 3.9 of WordPress or higher, when you change the Height, the Width is automatically changed too to keep the same aspect ratio. Be careful with older versions of WordPress, it is not the case so you must change yourself both values.


Using WordPress galleries

To display pictures side by side, you can also add a WordPress gallery. In the visual editor, press the Add Media button and select the files to display in the gallery. Set the number of columns for your gallery, for instance 3 columns to display 3 thumbnails side by side. Within the latest versions of WordPress, you can also select a size for pictures (from Thumbnail to Full Size).


  • WordPress gallery plugins (like the popular NextGEN Gallery) provide powerful tools for managing galleries of images.
  • For more information about photoblogs and galleries, read this.