At Fotolia we’re always on the look out for areas in which we can improve the abundance of imagery in certain areas. The majority of us spend our weekdays (and a few of us weekends) at the workplace and therefore clients are always on the search for images depicting all types of working life scenarios.

Diversity is an integral part of most businesses when it comes to employees and as a result it is increasingly more important to ensure you take note of it when you’re shooting.

We’re calling out for content with an air of authenticity, where the ambiance of the image makes you want to be part of that work place.

Companies are re-designing their public image to appeal to emerging talent. The competition to snatch up one of these few and far between jobs has moved the masses into migration.

Young people in the office

The results of which means work places are ethnically diversified and we want you to capture this.

But we don’t want you to just to cherry pick the token members of society and throw Mr.Clean Shirt a clipboard and say “Cheeeese!”.

No, we want you to work for the job. As you know, today’s image market is highly saturated, so in order to stand out every aspect needs to be delivered: concept, models, location, direction, lighting, colour palette. Make sure you’re up to date with current lighting and colour trends. But, we’re not just after images; we need your footage also!

Seek out models that seem obtainable, believable. But don’t stop there- direct them. Orientate a group that are at ease with each other, and the rest should follow. Create a model call sheet. Put all the information on them – address, location contact, wardrobe, phone numbers, email addresses and shot lists. Allow for serendipity; don’t stick strictly to the storyboard. Avoid direct eye contact with the camera. Go more for acted out scenarios- where the smile meets the eyes, but not in a scary way. Stock images have come along way, let’s keep it moving forward! 

Sharing ideas

Call out for Content 

Diverse Team Work- a male and female ethnically representative group, primarily in an office environment. Try to avoid an overly politically correct group. Mix it up, but aim for authenticity.

Strong Female Roles- these images are in demand. We want to see woman in leadership and entrepreneurial roles.

Small Businesses- more and more people are starting up their own companies, these types of businesses also need representation.

Casual Use of Space- Modern work places utilize modifiable workspaces. Colleagues aren’t expected to work 9-5 at the desk for every task any more. Make use of the space (standing desks), group work, brainstorming sessions, not necessarily in a stereotypical office environment.

Casual Dress Sense- work places aren’t as stuffy as they used to be. Lose the tie.

Night Work Scenes- demanding work places work all ’round the clock.

smiling female boss talking to business team

What to avoid:

Sexism- sadly it is still part of some work environments, but it is not what we are looking to represent.

Heavy use of Photoshop- Yes, postproduction is necessary, but don’t destroy all the groundwork that you’ve already put in! Try to allow the air of authenticity to shine through.

Last but not least

Enjoy making it! When you are confident and at ease working with a group it shows. These types of images are a collaboration. It’s a group effort and should bring people together.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your new content!