In just a year, mobile photography (or mobileography as it’s sometimes referred to!) has seen its reputation transcend from noisy snapshots associated primarily with social media to stock-industry grade images.

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Lets start with a few useful figures to understand the impact of mobile:

– Fotolia sold over 60,000 mobile pictures in 2014 and last week we announced the winners of our 2014 mobile photo contest, revealing stunning mobile photos with high sales potential. 

– We started last year with 5,500 mobile images uploaded through our Fotolia Instant App to our collection and we’ll be crossing the 90,000 mark of finely curated mobile pictures next week. Check out our Editor’s Picks – updated daily.

– With a prediction of over 3 billion new smartphones sold in 2015, 1.8 billion pictures uploaded and shared on social media every day and around 10 trillion pictures taken per year, mobile photography promises to make an even bigger impact this year. 10 trillion is a staggering amount which requires a break down to really grasp its meaning. We only need as little as 1 fantastic image per 10 million to have 1 million amazing images at the end of the year!

lifestyleNow that the proof of concept has been established, we need to focus on education to make sure this influx of pictures takes the best possible direction.

Mobile does not compete with classic DSLR images and it doesn’t have to. Mobile photography is a new form of iconography answering new demands and new customers who want to reach to the younger generation. This generation shoot the images themselves that will be used in advertising that specifically targets them.

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There is so much to say on this fast evolving subject that one blog article won’t be enough. For those who want to dig deeper into Mobile Photography, our Head of Mobile, Morgan David de Lossy will be giving a dedicated webinar on Sunday, 8th of February (1:00pm EST, 10:00am PST, 7:00pm MET (Europe). For more details you can find them here.