Over to Eric, aka Tip Squirrel for a dedicated insight into Adobe Shape.

Adobe recently added a series of mobile applications that integrate with the Adobe Creative Cloud. One of these apps allows those that sketch ideas to transfer them into Photoshop and Illustrator:  Welcome Adode Shape.

I’m not an illustrator, but in this post I’m going to take a simple sketch and bring it into Photoshop as the basis of a corner decoration.

Sketch It Out

Sketch your idea, the darker the lines the better



Open Adobe Shape

When you open Adobe Shape the app defaults to camera mode. If you’ve taken an image previously then press the X to go to the Library and then + to access the Camera Roll.

When you aim the camera at the image you’ll see some yellow lines appear on the sketch. This is Shape finding the outline of the image.


Line or Outline

In the bottom right corner you’ll see a circle. By default Shape is set to Line. Shape will select the line itself. Tapping the icon changes it to outline and Shape selects the outline of the sketch.


Refine the Selection

Using the slider you can refine the selection and get the selection as you need it.


Remove Unwanted Noise or Shape

You may find that you have captured more than you need. In my case I’ve got a little noise around the image and the rings from the pad. To remove them run your finger over what needs to be removed. Dab a line and it will all be removed.

If you remove something you want, move the slider in the bottom right (1) to the right to enter add mode and dab it back.


Tap the tick to accept. (2)

Rendering Vectors

Adobe Shape takes a moment to draw and smooth out the vectors of the shape then asks you to name the shape.


Adobe CC Library

Adobe Shape adds the new vector to your library. Nothing else is required from the user here, your Creative Cloud account handles all the syncing.


Accessing Your Shape In Photoshop And Illustrator CC 2014

Your image will sync as soon as your device, then your computer are connected to the internet. If your device and computer are connected to the internet the files will sync almost immediately.

In Photoshop or illustrator open the Libraries panel from the Window menu. Your new image should be at the top.


Add Your Image to Your Document

Drag your new image from the libraries panel over onto the image. It’ll be added as a Smart Object and can be used as any other layer.



As always, a big thanks to Eric for supplying this super detailed tutorial. Check out more of his tutorials on his websiteYouTube and you can find him on Facebook and Twitter should you wish to get in touch with him!