We are extremely delighted to announce the much-anticipated winners of the best-selling Instant Collection image for 2014 taken on iOS and Android device.

A huge congratulations to Robin Michel who’s amazing image entitled ‘Melbourne Coloration’ was the most downloaded image from the Instant Collection taken on an iOS device in 2014.


We absolutely feel he’s a fantastically worthy winner, his image, taken on an iPhone 5, summarizes everything that makes the Instant Collection so great and versatile: colour, a natural environment, fresh, fun and spontaneous.

Robin Michel is a typical example of how those born in the 80’s and 90’s record their daily lifestyle. His small, yet perfectly formed Instant portfolio characterizes the youthfulness and vibrancy that are becoming increasingly more popular with clients looking to tap into a younger market. You can read more about Robin in this exclusive interview we did back with him in January here.


Here’s what he said about winning the Contest and a bit of background behind his winning shot:

“First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Fotolia and the Fotolia Instant Team. They gave the chance to everyone to be a photographer. With Instant it’s not about which camera  you have or which software  you use but what moments of life you capture. Making money and winning a contest wasn’t a goal. But when you understand that you can have fun and on the top of that you can make money then it became even more attractive.

I love travelling and this picture has been taken while I was living in the amazing city of Melbourne, Australia. I was running with friends the famous color run. At the end of the 5k of color FUN Everyone is dancing in front of a big scene and waiting for the countdown before the color explosion. I had my phone in one hand and the color powder bad in the other one. The only thing I had with me was my iPhone 5. My phone follows me in most of my daily  life. It wouldn’t have been possible to take this picture with my DSLR Camera because it’s not practical to carry it during that king of moment.

Anyway I was impressed by the feeling of life and happiness in this picture so I decided to upload it. Then it became day after day my main picture on Fotolia Instant. But it is also one of the best memories of  my life in Melbourne. Thank you very much again. I wish you a happy new year full of instant and life”.

Patrizia Tilly is the winner of most-downloaded Instant Collection image of 2014 taken on an android device. ‘An Evening at the Lake 05’, taken on a Samsung Galaxy S3, encapsulates the fun and freshness that can be captured on a smartphone as well as showcasing the high-level of quality smartphone images can offer.

an evening at the lake 05

Patrizia, already an established Fotolia Contributor has displayed how smartphones can offer a sense of creative freedom; producing the perfect mix of contemporary, popular subjects with edgy post production on her smartphone. We interviewed Patrizia back in October and you can read the full interview here.


Speaking on winning the Contest Patrizia said this:

“I am so happy that I won the instant Android competition!!!  I cannot believe it!  :-))) It’s absolutely incredible to me!

It was in summer when I took this picture. I live near a nice lake and I was there with my girlfriends and their kids. In the evening the sunset was so beautiful. Then I had the idea that we could make some pictures with the kids jumping into the water but I had no camera, only my smartphone.

First I did the shots with the light, but I didn’t like it so much. Then I thought that I could try a shoot against the sunlight. I didn’t think that it would work, but it did!!! I was surprised how good the smartphone did this pictures. Then we made a lot of jumping-pictures with the kids and we had a lot of fun doing this.

At home I looked at all the pictures and thought they would be very good for fotolia instant 🙂 I uploaded some of them and now – I AM THE WINNER – Yeah!!!!!!

Thanks a lot to Fotolia and all the clients who downloaded my image!!!!”

Robin and Patrizia’s (who both win $5000 worth of cashable credits) images have been bought by some of the biggest businesses in the world, as have many others on the Instant Collection.

We cannot wait to see what images 2015 brings us. For more information on what kind of images sell well on the Instant Collection you can find it in this dedicated blog post here and you can view the ‘Best of Instant’ gallery here.

And if this has inspired you to start uploading your own smartphone images, find out how to get the app and begin selling (it’s super simple!) here.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post where we’ll be announcing those who won the 2nd and 3rd positions in the competition!