With over 35 million images on Fotolia and over 5 million users we are able to not only analyze the trends that have emerged over the course of time, but also ones that look set forth to arise for this forthcoming year.

We’ve put together some of the themes and styles that we predict will become more popular for businesses and creatives alike to ensure you find the correct resources that are consistent with creative trends.

Age shows no barrier

Age really is just a number and images highlighting people of different ages participating in activities that don’t fall under the realm of their usual stereotyped confinements will no doubt become more popular.

Variety is important to consider when choosing images depicting people, portraying them as naturally and realistically as possible. Remember that as the population as a whole gets older due to a longer life span it’s important to not exclude this age group wherever possible.

happy elderly couple coming home with groceries on golf cart

‘Tweens’, typically considered being those that are no longer children and yet not teenagers (between 10 to 12 years old), are also a demographic that is highly recommended to include in images particularly in terms of consumer markets.

Family Matters

The make-up of families has transformed over recent years; we live in a day and age now where anything other than a 2.4 children’d family is no longer considered unfamiliar territory or a rarity.  Children growing up with two fathers, two mothers, stay at home Dad’s, working mothers, parents of children with different age ranges , with their grandparents or with siblings with different ethnic backgrounds. These are all regular familial set-ups that are reflected in today’s society and as a result they are increasingly more represented in the type of imagery we offer.

Father Holding Daughter

Green is the New Black

Respecting our planet has become a big issue and one that increasingly affects our daily lives as we look to preserve and maintain it for future generations. Images showing the various methods in which we as individuals can act more sustainability and do our bit for the environment such as depictions of recycling as well as fair trade and organic food, and their origins, green energy and products.

The World is One Big City

For most of us now, the world, despite its vast expanse, is becoming smaller than ever, the ease of low-cost flying and transcontinental business partnerships mean that more of us are able to see more of it than ever before. Localized images are therefore extremely important to use for business usages. As we all know, images of big cities and famous landmarks are fantastic but so too are images representing small towns, villages, local landmarks in lesser known areas as well as locals going about their daily business.  When it comes to using images of big cities, the more impressive, the better. Go for scale and detail, highlighting the beauty, uniqueness and intricacies is extremely important.

shanghai elevated road junction panorama

Staying Connected

Technology is transforming our worlds at an unprecedented and rapid level. As technology diversifies and updates, so to do images that represent it. However not all opinions of technology and the effects it’s having on the world are always positive. They too need to be represented. We have never been so well connected, but is this always a good thing? Can we ever escape and switch off. An ever-increasing argument in today’s society, it’s something that too needs therefore to be addressed when choosing images.


Off the Beaten Track

Leave the map at home and explore via the medium of images! Go wild when choosing photos to use: scenes of natural beauty whether they may be landscapes, weather fronts or wildlife can captivate and inspire and you don’t need to leave your computer to get them.

Hike in mountains 


double exposure of businessman and city

Images that display a sense of fun or originality having been transformed using a variety of post-production techniques are perfect to ensure a unique and creative edge.

Try cropped images in different formats, square, panoramic or letterbox. Double exposure or layer manipulation is a simple, yet effective way of achieving a whole new visual dimension!

Experiment with the medium when choosing images!

2015 looks sure to push even further the boundaries of stock photography. No longer is it an industry associated with tradition and conservatism. We value every single one of our clients and we know you will continue to find an amazing range of products available on Fotolia and be enthralled with the increase in the diversity of images we look set forth to offer in the forthcoming year!