Increase your ranking and commission faster when selling videos!

HD videos are now worth 5 times more toward your ranking making it easier for you to go through the ranks to get higher commission!

2015 has a multitude of trends set forth to become more prominent over the course of the year but one trend we have already seen the emergence of that looks set to increase even more so in popularity is that of video files.

Videos are surging in popularity and as a result we’re looking to extend our video portfolio in line with client’s demands! Therefore, as an incentive to you, we’ve decided to make uploading and selling them even more worth your while!  We’ve increased the amount HD videos are worth, from 1 to 5 downloads towards your rank! This will ensure that you go up the ranks even quicker and earn even more commission as a result.

So what are you waiting for? Dust off that camera and get shooting! You can read our blog posts featuring tips on how to tell a story in your videos and inspiration for one-shot videos.

We’ll shortly be announcing that we’ll be accepting 4k videos on Fotolia. Stay tuned for the news!

For more information in regards to uploading videos on Fotolia you can find it here.