We’re a week into 2015 and we’re wondering how many of you have so far kept your New Year’s resolutions? If you have, congrats, we envy your resilience. If you haven’t managed to, or thought better of making some in the first place you knew you’d never be able to keep, then join the queue. We have however got a New Year’s resolution you can however keep that’s fun, perfect for storing memories and can potentially earn you money.

berlin sundowner


Local life in evening time (a man is catching fish)

Using your smartphone take your #ftpicofday – that’s a photo every day. Whether you upload it to the Fotolia Instant Collection is of course totally up to you although it can earn you money if sold!

the family gang


Hipster view

We’ve absolutely loved seeing the variety of amazing things that our community got up to in 2015 with their friends, families, on holiday, out and about in cities, being creative with costumes, props and most of all, having fun! Give it a go, get creative and if you do upload them to Fotolia make sure to tag us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ftpicoftheday

sunset on white beach Boracay

We can’t wait to see them!

french riviera panorama with beautiful brunette in the middle

Silhouette people and tree