You may been familiar with Fotolia Contributor Creaktiva’s image ‘Paraguas‘, appearing on Fotolia’s home page carousal. It’s the clever use of color, creating an eye-popping effect as well three dimensional structuring giving an illusion impression that makes this image so interesting. We spoke to Creaktiva to find out more about it’s concept and creation:

“The creation of those “Paraguas” (“Umbrellas”) images happened after a rainy day in my town. Dawn brought a grey and sad day, and it seemed like that sadness was spreading to the people walking on the streets; all of them looked the same, same sad clothes, same sad faces, same sad umbrellas…

When I arrived at my studio I felt like all my energy was drained… I am a happy and creative person, and I was obliged [or bound] to express on one image what I was feeling, joy, happiness and enthusiasm rising above sadness and negativity.”

A big thanks to Creaktiva for sharing their ‘Story Behind the Image’. You can discover more of their work in their Fotolia portfolio here.