We were so excited to see that the webzine Ufunk, which focuses on showcasing breakthrough art, gadgets, design and all-round ‘amazing stuff’  has selected an amazing array of images from the photographer DavidArts, who creates circular panoramic photos simply equipped with his smartphone, transforming the landscapes around him into cute mini-planets.

Awesome circular London landscape view

Medieval Castle Landscape in London

Miami south beach lanscape

Stunning harbor sunset at Barcola - Trieste - Italy

We thought we’d put together a short tutorial taking inspiration from David so you can try it out yourselves! It’s super fun and easy!

Firstly, choose an image from Fotolia. We decided upon this one, and then open it in Photoshop.

safari por el atardecer de africa

Depending on the result you want, you can rotate the picture (Image > Image rotation > 180°). That’s what we did here.

In the Image menu, select Image Size. Uncheck “Scale Styles” and “Constrain aspect ratio”.


In the “Height” field, type the same value as in the Width field and press OK (for example, if the Width is 3000, type 3000 in the Height field). You get a square and stretched image.


In the Filter menu, select Distort > Polar Coordinates. Check “Rectangular to Polar” and press OK. And that’s it!


You can rotate the picture again, and use for example the Smudge Tool for a better result.


Here is the finished piece…..

safari por el atardecer de africa

View David’s whole collection on his Fotolia portfolio. To find out more about David you can find it in this exclusive interview we featured with him earlier in the year.