Welcome to Joe la Pompe, a French coincidences hunter in advertising since 1999. On his blog, Joe la Pompe collects any twin-advertising concepts, any idea that has been done more than once for any reason (coincidence, copycat, etc.).

On Fotolia’s blog, Joe la Pompe will compare photos on our image bank with advertisements from around the world. Over to you Joe…

Who had the idea first? It is always difficult to know where we got an idea, what is our real inspiration.

Observation? Memory? Can our imagination be free of any reference? These are some questions that come to mind when browsing my blog, created 15 years ago.

Today, with the development of internet, Google Images and stock image websites like Fotolia, our memory is nourished, enriched, even saturated with images of all kinds available at a glance. Sometimes an image inspired us consciously, sometimes unconsciously.
What is the boundary between appropriating an idea, plagiarising  or recycling it? What is the added value of the creative, of the artistic director on an existing image?
How far should we move away to attribute authorship?
Today, I begin an overview of these ideas, eerily similar to stock images with these plant mouths…

Joe la Pompe

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