Today we pay tribute to a new milestone in Fotolia ranking of a great photographer, internationally known in the Microstock world: Andrea Piacquadio aka Olly, who recently, and most deservedly achieved ruby status!

A Fotolia contributor since the beginning of 2008, Andrea’s portfolio displays now over 19,000 amazing images, with around 480,000 licenses so far.

Along the years, his impressive style has set the path for new trends in the world of Microstock, and has been a source of creative inspiration for customers and contributors alike.

His unique portraits, along with glamorous lifestyle scenes and dramatic landscapes are represented in a wide range of human emotions, always with an added touch of irony.

Andrea likes to offer the highest quality in his image productions. This is why he prefers to do the post-production work personally or to monitor closely the accuracy of his collaborators’ work: 
“The right choice of models and their ability to communicate is key” – he says.

No coincidence then that he prefers to work with actors rather than with models.

Andrea’s photography focuses on the spontaneity and intensity of gestures.  During castings, this is his number one priority when choosing the models for a photo session, definitely more relevant than capturing perfect physical beauty.  His models always express strong emotions like happiness, anger or sadness.

To discover in more detail Olly’s stunning photography you can find it here and you can read more about him in his exclusive interview he did with us.