There are images you just cannot stop looking at. What could be more natural than giving them a second life? We’re setting a good example by resurrecting our trade fair decorations in the shape of beautiful, individual, handmade bags – upcycling at its finest! What’s in it for you we hear you ask? Well, you can win one!

Let’s be honest: stock photos are articles of daily use. They are subject to a usage principle and have to fulfill a certain purpose. They are supposed to illustrate a text, for example, or visualise an abstract process, or emotionalise products and services or simply to supply colour, joy, and vitality.

Over the years, a stable trend can be perceived in stock photography. Both the quality and the range of subjects have increased steadily – to an extent that makes us at Fotolia marvel at the diversity, creativity, and technical level again and again. Countless images in our database are nothing short of works of art, created with a whole lot of effort, talent and know-how. Images, which actually are too good for a single use and deserve more act of appreciation.

It was our trade fair booths that made us wonder. If you have visited us at a trade fair before, you will know that we welcome our guests in front of one or more larger-than-life stock photos. What you may not know is that these images are printed on heavy, sturdy fabric that is hung on the respective walls. And because booths are usually of different sizes, each decoration is made individually.

As a result, there is a lot of this fabulous printed fabric left after the trade fair. And instead of throwing it out, we turn it into cool bags. There are large, small and medium-sized ones, for cosmetics, groceries or Christmas shopping sprees. Each piece is unique, guaranteed upcycled and hand-made. And strictly not for sale. However, they are not unavailable, because every now and then we give some of them away. To photographers, to customers, and to people we like: to you, for instance.

So, right now we’re giving away twenty of our hand-sewn “Fotolia upcycled” bags. To win one of these unique pieces, post your favourite image link from Fotolia by leaving a comment on the contest Facebook post or on our wall. It’s as simple as that! You can find the contest terms below.  Enter by December 12th, 2014 if you’d like to receive one. If there are more wishes than bags available, the lucky winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!


Terms and conditions of the contest “Fotolia Bags”

Fotolia organized as part of a promotion the contest “Fotolia Bags” and provides for subsequent prize available: Twenty textile bags with Fotolia motifs.

The organizer of the Sweepstakes is Fotolia. The sweepstakes is available at the Facebook page “Fotolia” and is not affiliated with Facebook and is sponsored by either Facebook, organized or supported.

Excluded from participation are employees of Fotolia LLC and those that are connected in the course of its business with Fotolia.

By participating in the Sweepstakes, entrants agree to these terms and conditions and the following privacy policy. Participation is free apart from Internet connection charges.

The decision is final. The prize is not transferable, nor can the profit be replaced. A cash payment is not possible.

Participation is only possible via Facebook. Participation on lottery agencies, automated services or other service is excluded.

The entry period for the contest will run from 12/04/2014 to 12/12/2014.

The prerequisite for participation is that the participants enter by clicking the “Like” button to be, be  fans of Fotolia and participate in the Promotion “Fotolia Bags”. By clicking the “Like” button and entering the Sweepstakes participation conditions are accepted.

The winners will be selected among all Fotolia Facebook fans who participated in each Sweepstakes Period. The winners will be determined by lot. The output of the Sweepstakes is not affected by the purchase of products or services. For any shipping of prizes to the winners no cost.

The draw will take place immediately following the Competition Period. Winner will be notified in writing.

Fotolia reserves the right to exclude participants who violate the terms and conditions of the Sweepstakes. Fotolia reserves the right, in particular with technical problems, to completely cancel the competition at any time without prior notice or suspend partially.

Privacy Policy

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