Our dedicated team of Fotolia moderators process through up to 50,000 images per day so they really know their stuff when it comes to knowing what type of images are required as well as tips that can help you improve your upload success rates.

Find out below first hand from the team to ensure you maximize your sales.

• Keywording is essential for success. Just choosing a mass of words is not efficient. The order in which you put keywords is extremely important for search engine optimization, and in adding keywords that don’t match the image is counter productive. Also, it’s vital to remember that keywords are words, not sentences.
• It sounds simple but remember to clean your sensor and camera lens (that includes on your smartphone). Grey greasy layers on top of images will not get accepted.

• Do not overdo post-production. We love moles, freckles, wrinkles – they make an image real and relatable. Not everyone wants photoshop perfection.
• Always remember to match the language selected from the drop down menu is always the same as the language you decide for your keywords. Likewise, don’t mix keywords in different languages.
• We’re seeing an increase in the popularity of ‘situation’ images that depict scenarios ‘in the moment’. Isolated images (people/objects on a white background) are not so popular any more.

Young Couple in a cafe

• The old rule applies – quality over quantity. ‪More images doesn’t necessarily equal more sales. Original, high quality and conceptual images do.
• Get out of the studio. We love real life photos (but pay attention to model or property releases).

Can not miss such beautiful scenery.

• Photograph where you can see good balance in color, light and framing, as they are more likely to be accepted.
• Adding a simple Instagram filter doesn’t magically turn your image into stock. Neither does HDR, for that matter. The original photo, if taken properly, will not even require a filter.
• If you have rejections, don’t give up. Pay attention to the areas of improvement you can hone in on and try again.
• Model releases need to be filled out correctly. Ensure that if you are submitting a photograph which has children or teenagers in it that a model release form is signed by the parent, and that the their name is printed also. This includes if the model was a child/teenager at the time the photograph was taken even if it was a few years ago and they’re now no longer under 18.

Childhood Dream

• Regarding illustrations and graphics and you are using text keep in mind that the buyers need to change the text to their needs. Text in infographics, collages or white backgrounds are fine but other variations where text will be difficult to remove will not be accepted.
• Remember your vectors designs are also sold to buyers as illustrations, which can create difficulty when wanting to remove text.

Christmas cardAlthough a lot of these tips may seem simple and straightforward, when they are ignored images will be rejected. They are easy steps to take to ensure your images are not only accepted, but are positioned optimally on the site to make way for the best potential sales.

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