Discover today’s free PSD to download from the fifth talented duo from Season 3 of the TEN Collection.

Download “Future Shangri-La”, free for 24 hours, the magnificent collaborative work of Korean photographer Mi-Kyung Kim and Japanese concept artist Kenichiro Tomiyasu, founder of the INEI Studio.


The free PSD is available to download for 24 hours from 10am for all design aficionados to view the objects, layers and effects as well as photo used to create the combined final piece.

The piece was inspired by a dream of utopia from a Far-Eastern perspective, which mirrors western representations of the Garden of Eden. “It is our hope for the future; it is what we are searching for: a world where nature takes back its rightful place and rights, and produces glowing fruit that elicits longevity, prosperity and vitality – celestial gifts in a world without care. This world is free from all of society’s problems, just like the place of ancient Asian legend. Who knows, perhaps we will be able to find our own Shangri-La in the future,” explain the two artists.

To create this unique and original piece, the two artists chose to blend their cultures, techniques, styles and tastes. The ‘nature’ element came from Mi-Kyung Kim, who had grown up on the green and luscious Korean island of Jeju, while the ‘supernatural’ was INEI Studio’s contribution, stemming from his interest in science fiction and video games, an integral part of Japanese culture.

Find out more in the video tutorial of their collaboration here.

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